My job has a system where an employee can take an extended period of time off and still be employed, they just need to work a minimum of one shift in a calendar year to remain employed.


I I just put in for my last day before the hike.


(Both very excited and kinda nervous right now, to be honest.)


Shakedown #1

I’m going to be doing a series of “shakedown” hikes, short 3-5 day hikes, where I take my gear out to various parks and trails and camp. This will let me get experience with my gear, and get used to hiking with a pack.

This first hike will be three days, two nights at a park close to home.


  • Hammock with suspension and tarp
  • Underquilt and top quilt for the hammock
  • Change of clothes
  • Long underwear (probably won’t need this)
  • hat
  • bear cannister for the food
  • food for the trip
    • First lunch will be pb&j tortilla wraps with some string cheese
    • First dinner will be pizza in a pot
    • Breakfast will be strawberry trail mix (dried strawberries, strawberry frosted mini wheats, yogurt covered raisins, chocolate chips)
    • Second lunch will also be pb&j tortillas
    • Second dinner will be Beefy Noodle Bowl¬†
    • Second breakfast will be a Mountain House pre-made meal
    • for snacks, I’m bringing some Kind bars and some Nature Valley bars
  • basic first aid kit, meds
  • Kindle
  • headlamp
  • hydration bladder

So, after packing, I have found that I’ll need a bigger pack for the trail. I’ll probably get one in the coming months, as the one I have now is fine for short trips.