Well, updates

I pulled a nerve cluster in my neck, which is why my hands are numb. It’s healing, which is good, but it hurts more, which is bad. Anyway, I’m going in for an MRI of my neck in July, so we shall see.


More plans!

So I’m randomly planning parts of the trail, places I want to stop and sight-see and places I want to spend a little time, and I got to planning how I’m going to get home.


Pricing it out, it’s looking like it’s going to be slightly cheaper to go Amtrak, rather than fly, so as I get closer to Katahdin, I will look into buying a train ticket. So, yay, plans.


I also want to stop in NYC to catch a show on Broadway (ideally, Hamilton if it’s still playing).

(picture taken from here: http://www.findingbeautyphotography.com/blog/can-we-have-a-serious-chat-about-train-tracks)

Red Top Mountain

So, I’m home. I’m going to post what I wrote during the trip, then some thoughts I had later.

Tuesday night: I realized I forgot my headphones, so that’s annoying. Also, as well as my pack being too small, it’s also to big. How’s that for irony. This is a medium 40 liter pack, I need a small 70 liter pack for the hike. Anyway, I hiked a long trail this afternoon and I really need the practice. I already dealing a lot, but on mostly level surfaces without any extra weight. So far, this has been enlightening. Tomorrow I’m going to tackle a slightly longer trail, then camp out one more night and back to work. Next week I can do another trip, but I’m limited to an overnight this time.


Wednesday morning. It got a little chilly last night, I’m glad I brought my top quilt. My back was cold, too, so I’ll set up the under quilt tonight. I did wind up scrunched up at the bottom of the hammock this morning, but that will be fairly easy to fix tonight. I’m taking a quick break from striking camp, then I’m off to another trail.

Wednesday evening. Hit up another trail,had lunch on some rocks overlooking the lake, and promptly rolled my bad ankle on the hike back to the trail. So, this afternoon has mostly been writing and lazing in the hammock. It’s not swelling, and it stopped hurting, so I should be OK for work on Friday, but I’m going to cut my trip a little short and go home in the morning. Right now, I’m watching the lake through the trees while I sit next to a campfire and I’m really wishing I had marshmallows. I think I’m going to need to take this slower, for while I do walk (a lot), it’s only on paved roads without any weight. This park isn’t too far from me, however, and i can keep coming back to hike.