Thinx is awesome!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I contacted Thinx about the possibility of a sponsorship of my hike. They very graciously sent me three pairs of their period underwear to use on my hike! So, much thanks to them.


Also, if you have periods, and have not yet looked into them, go do so. I am absolutely in love with my first set. I’ve had them for about a year now, and I’ve had no problems at all. I will say, if you have a heavier period, you should  have a pad or tampon as backup as they aren’t (yet, I’m sure) able to contain seriously heavy flows. Check them out here! They are a wonderful company all around.


2 thoughts on “Thinx is awesome!

  1. So cool – that you settled some sort of deal with a corporation to fund you (somewhat).

    I’m nervous to begin preparing my things for this journey, any tips for the first step to prep?


    1. The resources I’ve been using the most are the Appalachian Trail subreddit, and the forums. The majority of people in those groups have already thru hiked at least once, or have section hiked a great deal of it. personally, I’d poke around there and read the pack shakedown requests (people post their gear lists and get critiques) and the sidebar on the subreddit. The ultralight subreddit has good info if you plan on doing that (light weight is under 15 pounds, ultralight is under 10). REI and other outfitters are good sources, too.

      As far as getting funding, figure out what companies and brands you like, then contact them (they’ll usually have a form on their website) and just let them know who you are, what you’re planning on doing, what you would like from them, and what you’ll do for them in return.

      Personally, I’d say to research your gear before you buy it, especially the Big Three: pack, shelter, shoes. Buy your pack last, so you get a size that fits all your stuff. Figure out whether you want to use a tent, a hammock, or a bivvy sack, and the pros and cons of each. And as for shoes- you’re going to be walking 8 hours or more a day, every day, for months. Trail runners are lighter than boots and dry out faster. But if you’re starting super early, boots will help keep your feet warmer. Those go down to personal preference as well.


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