Journal entry: February 18

Night zero February 18, 

Amicalola Falls State Park campground 
My parents were nice enough to drive me up here, and stick around while I set up my hammock for tonight. Lying in it now, I’ve just realized I need to loosen the sag a bit. 
The good news, that’s an easy fix. 
Back, and more comfortable. So, my parents drove me up, and paid for lunch on the way (Olive Garden, how I adore your endless soup, salads, and breadsticks). I’ve settled in fairly early, it’s only barely 8, but the battery on my headlamp died. (And now I’ve put it somewhere and can’t find it). Ah well, my hammock’s party lights still work fine, and both my phone and tablet have flashlight functions. 
So far, I’ve already learned a bit about my gear I didn’t know. My filter is amazing (the water at my campsite came out of the pump brown, filters clear), my coldish weather gear is very warm, my shoes don’t have traction on slick surfaces. 
Actually, I knew that one already. I was wearing those shoes when I slipped in the cooler. This time, however, I slipped and smacked the small of my back on a railroad tie. I’ve got a pretty bruise there now. It hurts a bit sitting up and lying down, but it shouldn’t bother me too much (and the author in me is expecting me to start the next entry with how much my back hurts). 
The family camped next to me was very nice and let me use their fire (it’s raining and I couldn’t start one of my own. I am ashamed) to make s’mores. The older couple is RVing across the country as their retirement, and were impressed when I told them my plans. 
I can’t think of any more to add to this, so I’m going to start a book. Either writing or reading, I haven’t decided. 
It is foggy and drizzling, current 44 degrees, should get down to about 40 tonight. And, I found my headlamp when I grabbed my jacket, so that’s good. I am snuggled down with my down underquilt, my down top quilt, and my down puffy jacket. I’ve got on one set of my long underwear and a camisole top, and my thick camp socks on. I’ve got my Buff on as a hat, though I can pull on my beanie if the temperature drops too much. I started with the toe warmer caps on too, but my toes got hot. 
Dinner! I had two cups of hot cocoa with a Mountain House beef stew, which was pretty good. Would have been better if it wasn’t drizzling on me while I tried to eat it, though. 
So, I’m going to try to write at least every night, and document who I meet, where I was, what I ate, etc. I’ll also post a group of updates in each town I hit. First up should be Suches or Neel Gap, depending on when I want to stop (they’re like a day hike apart.) 
And the Ladies Night Out group on my other side and the crying baby somewhere have reminded me of my earplugs. 


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