Journal entry: February 19

February 19
Amicalola Falls, morning.
So, my back is getting better, just a bit sore. I’m going to charge my electronics while I eat breakfast and pack up camp. 

I stopped at a creek to have lunch. I’m still about 7 miles or so from springer. I’m definitely going to be camping there tonight. I’ve jotted some thoughts down elsewhere, so I’ll consolidate notes later. 
Nimblewill gap, 7pm
I didn’t get to Springer. I didn’t even reach the shelter before Springer, Black Gap. I’m currently hanging just past Nimblewill Gap, mile marker 6 on the approach trail. To be honest, I broke about .7 miles back when I passed the sign for the Hike Inn. It was one mile away, but I checked the website and they didn’t have a free room. So I’m going to hang here tonight (I already passed three other groups camping on the approach, so I don’t feel too bad) 
Met and was passed by another thru hopeful, Neil from Ohio. 
Notes from before:

Shoulda done more cardio

Shoulda taken my full pack out on more hikes

Shoulda taken my pack to the gym

Shoulda taken my pack to REI for a shakedown

2.5 by accident to the visitors center, 8.8 to Springer
My toes are already bruised..
So, back to now: I’m too bloody tired to eat, which is gonna bite me later, I’m sure. I’m probably going to have dinner for breakfast, though. I didn’t hang my food, it’s in my pack under my hammock on a thick plastic sheet, so hopefully any critters will be discouraged. My feet are cramping, and I would kill for a back rub right now. I was planning on hiking to Black Gap tonight and then neroing to Springer, but since I didn’t make it that far, I’m going to sleep here and do the last 2.8 miles tomorrow. 
To be honest, I only stopped because I looked at the trail past here and started crying. It’s back to going uphill.
I’m still going to nero at Springer, but I might move on to the next shelter, stover Creek.
Goodnight for now


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