Journal entry: February 20

February 20
Half past midnight counts, right? Just ate a granola bar. I was so exhausted when I set camp, I just hung my hammock and tarp, took my shoes of and went to sleep. Going back to sleep now that my stomach has been appeased. 
Okay. So, I woke up again at 4, then half past 6. Lay in my hammock and watched the wind mess up my tarp. About 7, I cleaned up my site, had a quick breakfast of peanut butter, Nutella, and honey on a tortilla and started hiking to the nearest spring. Ran into another female thru hiker, Boots, and we hiked together to Springer. We’ve stopped for lunch, and are going to hike out to Stover Creek shelter together. 

Lunch was some salami, summer sausage, and another tortilla like breakfast. We’ve made it to Stover creek (mile 2.8), and I picked up a trail name: Turtle . I’m gonna make dinner and set up my hammock.
I made too much food. Ramen with chicken, peas, carrots, and French onion soup mix. I’m slowly making my way through it (I need the nutrition, but I’m so not hungry), then I’m going to go to bed. I rinsed out all my dirty clothes (here’s hoping they’re all dry in the morning) in the creek just past the shelter. No cell service, so I can’t post anything, but nothing really happened.
There are four other thru hikers, and a section hiker and her kid. (Later edit: one I thought was a thru hiker is a section, the mother and son combo are thru hiking)
Its about quarter after 8, and everyone is in their tents (except for me, the sole hammock). So, 9 is considered “hiker midnight”, anything done after then you should try to do as quietly as possible. Right now, at least two people at this shelter are asleep, and I’m not particularly tired. So I’m going to lay here and read, and plan out my hikes for the next few days.  
So, my current plan is to hike to Hawk Mountain shelter (mile 8.1) for tomorrow night, then Gooch Mountain shelter (15.1). After that, I need to do some logistics planning with my food and such. I can either hit up the Hiker Hostel in Suches (they run a shuttle, and I can buy some gear and stay the night, plus get dinner and breakfast) or I could camp at Woody Gap (20.6). Woody Gap is the pick up spot for the hostel, about six miles down the road. Anyway, after leaving Woody Gap, I’d stay at Woods Hole shelter (27.9), and after that, Neel Gap (31.4), where I know I’m going to resupply and take a zero day.
Since Neel Gap is only 11miles past the pick up for the hiker hostel, I’m probably going to pass on that one.


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