Journal entry: February 24

February 24

6:48, Lance Creek
I’ve been up since about five, but it’s cold and I didn’t want to get up. My bruise on my back is now a small lump, which is probably not good. I’m going to Neel Gap today, and zeroing tomorrow, so if it’s still bad, I’ll get it looked at.
Not much else is happening this morning, so I’m going to pack up and head on out. Actually, I’m starting to actually be hungry, so that’s happening. Other than that, though, it’s just cold.
So, once I finished packing, I ran into Boots, Mama Bear, and Little Foot. They were in the same campsite I was at, but had arrived much later. So they’re trying to make it to Neel Gap today as well.

I have arrived at Neel Gap, and at the cabin I’m going to rent for tonight and tomorrow night. I’m staying in Woodchuck! It’s at Blood Mountain Cabins, just a bit down the road from Mountain Crossings. It’s pricier than the Mountain Crossings hostel ($99/night, vs $19/head), but they run a laundry service, a shuttle service, and it’s a small cabin all to myself, vs a bunk in a room full of other thru hikers. I think it’s worth it.
I’ve already had a shower, and feel loads better than when I first arrived. Blood Mountain is brutal on the north side, and that was the only way down. But the soles of my feet are bruised, I think I twisted an ankle, and the bruise on my back is swollen. It might be a bulging disc, so I’m going to rest tonight and all of tomorrow and hope it gets a bit better. If not, I’ll move over to the Mountain Crossings hostel, then take a shuttle to see a doctor on Monday.
I also got a package from my parents today. I got a bag of gummy bears, my meds, and a piece of labradorite, which is supposed to grant the bearer with protection and intuition.
Any way, there is a Walmart with a clinic near here, so I’ll get a shuttle over to see if they’re open on weekends. I’m sitting in the general store here, waiting on my pizza.


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