Journal Entry: February 26

February 26

Union General Hospital 


Bleh. The good news is I only spent like five minutes in the waiting room, and I stole a wheelchair for my pack. But I’m in one of the little curtained off areas waiting to go back for an X-ray. You know it’s bad when the ER doctor looks at your injury and makes a noise of pain. But it started swelling up more, and now it’s painful even without pressure on it, so I need this, even though I’m going to complain about it a lot.
Anyway, another hiker gave me a ride down to the hospital, so I didn’t need to wait for a shuttle driver today.
Back from the X-rays. Why is it that the diagnostic procedure always hurts the area your looking at? The ultrasound for my gallbladder was painful, and the X-ray for my back made me lie on in, which hurts. Bleh. Sitting on the bed in the ER, reading and updating Facebook and Reddit while I wait. 
And had to go back for a CT scan for clarity. But there is an older lady on the other side of the curtain who’s being looked at, so I’ll probably be waiting for a bit.
So, turns out it was just a soft tissue bruise, so once I’m discharged, I’m free to keep on hiking. I might finish out today as a zero at Mountain Crossings today, though. I hiked from the hospital to the town square, and I’m just going to wait here for a shuttle driver to free up. 


Mountain Crossings Hostel

Neel Gap 
Got my pack shakedown done, and lost 13 pounds. Granted, my food weighs 16, and water is another six, so I’m still carrying 53 pounds when fully loaded, but I can send some more home later.
Other than that, nothing exciting happened today.


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