Journal Entry: March 5

March 5

5:57 am

Well, it’s below freezing (barely) outside, and I’m in a hammock. I’m comfortably warm with my layers and bag liner (although I would have been warmer if I was wearing all three sets of long underwear), and it’s supposed to be fairly warm today (mid-50’s), so I’ll try to make a nine mile day today and get to Blue Mountain shelter today. It will be warmer tonight, too, so that’ll be nice.

Low Gap shelter 
My feet are killing me, so I’ve stopped at Low Gap for the day. I could probably make the distance, but body says no. Anyway, I’ve dumped my pack up the hill a ways at a small hill, but I’m gonna move it to the shelter for tonight.

The shelter is a bit crowded, six other people in it, and like twelve tents on the site itself. Kinda wishing I’d moved on after lunch.
Anyway, I’m down to 11 Gilenya pills, and I’m gonna have to call and see if Novartis will ship me a week or two in Hiawassee, and if I can get Accredo to ship it general delivery to Franklin, NC. We’ll see. They’re closed today (Sunday), and I’ll need to talk to them tomorrow at the earliest. They might not, but I’ll complain at them, and the insurance company. No idea if it will work, but I’ll try.
I’m probably going to call them before moving on, next shelter is 7.3 ahead, so I’ll have time, especially since I don’t stop very long. This is remarkably frustrating, to be honest. My dad is in Richmond, so he can’t ship me anything, and mom works during the week, so it’s harder for her to get to the post office.
I’m also getting a little twitchy with all the people in the shelter. I’m probably going to find a campsite near the next shelter, instead of staying there. There is a site 6.3 ahead I could use, and I probably will. I don’t really want to zero again anytime soon, just because I lost my week long buffer against the bubble. And since I hike slow, that’s just getting smaller. Fuck. I don’t want to deal with people.
Oh! I did remember a thing from this morning I had wanted to share. So, is was freezing last night, and when I got dressed, I put on a layer of long underwear under my regular clothes as added warmth (my second-warmest set, as I sleep in my least-warmest, and it wasn’t cold enough for the warmest). I hadn’t even gone half a mile before I had warmed up enough that I was roasting. So I took off the long underwear on the middle of the approach trail to the Whitley Gap shelter (everyone else had already passed me). So that’s the story about how I stripped to my underwear in the woods.
Most exciting thing that happened all day.
I’m debating about going into town at Unicoi Gap and getting a hotel room, but I’ve only been out two days so far, so I’ll go into town at Dicks Creek Gap and zeroing then.


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