Journal Entry: March 6

Had a mild panic attack last night with all the people in the shelter, and the person who was practically climbing on top of me last night, but it was a “freeze and breathe heavily” type, so I didn’t wake anyone up. I’m going to stay here until I’ve called everyone I need to, then hike onward. And this will be my last night in a shelter for a long while, because I’m in the leading edge of the bubble, and it’s just going to get busier after this. And if I stop at Unicoi, I can hitch a ride into Helen and stay at a hotel tonight and tomorrow, which will make it more likely I can get my meds sooner, but the bulk of the bubble will catch up faster.
Grr. I really don’t want to deal with people out here. I know I said that, but I’m very introverted, and people are draining to be around.

People are packing up, and the person who slept next to me has spent all morning with her crap spread right in front of the only exit to the shelter. I really hate people. 

Ok, maybe people have their good points.
Someone paid for two nights at a motel, and decided to go home instead. He gave me the reservation (already been paid), so I’m going to rest and recover a bit here today and tomorrow (my back is saying I came back too soon).
Anyway, to settle a point of contention: there is, in fact, a Taco Bell in Hiawassee, and I’m going over there for dinner. I haven’t really eaten anything since Saturday breakfast, so I’m going to fill up on food tonight and tomorrow, and I’m going to go through my food bag and try to get that a lot lighter (I don’t need 16 pounds of food for one person over three days).


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry: March 6

  1. People are a lot less tolerable when things aren’t going well to begin with. It seems like this hike has already had a bump (pun intended) so perhaps every annoying/inconsiderate thing someone does is going to amplified. It’ll be hard to now, but when you do go back on the trail don’t tell yourself you hate people. Don’t say you love them if you so please, but you have a lot of time with your thoughts, you don’t want to ruminate on something negative. It sends like the shelter was the epitome of this.
    Get some r&r and tackle this path!


    1. Yeah, I know. But I’m resting and icing my back today, and have plans to make the rest of Georgia better for me, so I’ll be back out tomorrow hopefully with a better mindset.


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