Journal Entry: March 7

 March 7 7:56 am
The advantage that staying in a hotel has over hiking is easy access to large amounts of hot water. I am so incredibly stiff and sore this morning. A lot of it is spending a week doing nothing, and a lot is pushing myself too hard, too soon after an injury. But I could barely move my legs this morning, which is a pointed reminder that I really do need to stretch every day, ideally at lunch, when I set up camp, and before I set out in the mornings.
So I will start adding stretches to my routine, and in the meantime, I will soak in the tub some more.

Got a cold pack on my back right now, and I just learned that I’ve lost ten pounds so far. Still overweight, which is bad, and losing that much in that short a time is bad, but hey, I lost ten pounds. And my blood pressure went down, which is also good.
Laying in bed and planning the next few days. My plan tomorrow is to grab a sandwich from Subway and get a ride back to Unicoi Gap and make a nero to a place called “Cheese Factory Site” on my maps. It was apparently the site of a nineteenth century cheese factory, but nothing’s left of that. It’s only four miles from Unicoi, but on the other side of Rocky Mountain, which isn’t small. The following day, I plan on making Addis Gap, which is 7.5 miles further on. From there, I’ll hit Dicks Creek Gap and a short hike further on to the Top of Georgia hostel, where I will resupply again, and move on to North Carolina!


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