Journal Entry: March 8

March 8 7:10

I’m going to run over to Rite Aid in a sec and get the two things I want but keep forgetting about (Mylar emergency blankets and a sleep mask), then I’m going to call Gilenya and see if they’ll send a week of meds to the Top of Georgia hostel. I’m fairly sure I have enough to coast to Franklin, NC, but I’ll be down to one or two at that point. And after that, I’m off to Unicoi Gap again!

So, Gilenya can’t help me, but I did get most of what I needed at Rite Aid. Anyway, I’m going to pack up the last of my stuff and head out.

Steel Trap Gap
So, I had been planning on stopping at the Cheese Factory site, but decided to push on. I’m currently camped at Steel Trap Gap, mile 59.9. It’s a nice little area just off the trail. I have some good views, and a decent spot to hang my hammock and my food. Anyway, I started a little fire and will make dinner shortly.

I was just joined by two other hikers, Cricket and Grasshopper. They’re a couple from Norfolk, VA.
And I have actually eaten! I had a double pack of Cup O Soup and a Moonpie, and have been finishing off a pack of beef jerky.

 Laying in my hammock, I’ve been planning out the next week. I’m going to Dicks Creek Gap tomorrow, then back into town for another zero day. I want to rest my back and legs a bit more. Then I’ll make Bly Gap, and my first night in North Carolina. From there, Beech Gap , Albert Mountain , and Rock Gap. From Rock Gap, can catch a ride into Franklin, where I can resupply and pick up my meds. And then I will plan some more.


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