Journal Entry: March 10

March 10
Started early, got my resupply for the next few days, and got a haircut. Cut about eight inches off, so I can still pull it into a ponytail, but it should be more manageable now.
I’m currently sitting in my long underwear doing a load of laundry. I’m in town, so I’ll wash everything. 
It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so I’ll be hiking cold. 
Other than that, nothing exciting takes place while in town.
I got moon pies! I got enough that I can have one a day up to Franklin. I set up a smaller food bag per day, to lighten up my food bag. So, every day, I have two bagel thins, a small container of peanut butter (the JIF to go cups), three pouches of honey, a snickers bar, two honey buns, three oatmeal cream pies, a small baggie of trail mix, some wasabi peas, some bacon, and some cheese, as well as a dinner.
I’m probably going to eat the honey buns for breakfast, lunch will be bagels, honey, and peanut butter, and probably the snickers, then bacon and cheese with the dinner, and everything else will be snacks throughout the day.
For those wondering, I’m taking shelf-stable bacon, and I’m not opening the individual packets until I’m going to eat them. I also found some sheep milk cheddar, so I bought a chunk and quartered it so I have some each day.
I’ve also figured out how to pack everything more efficiently, so it’s not as badly balanced and closes more easily.


So, current plan is to get a shuttle to Dicks Creek Gap and hike to Bly Gap tomorrow,which is nine miles even. Then, hike 9.2 to Standing Indian Mountain summit on Sunday, then 9.8 to Betty Creek Gap on Monday, and finally the 8.5 to Rock Gap where I can grab a shuttle into Franklin, NC. The distances are doable, but the issue is the weather.
The website I’m using says it’s going to be a high of 47 tomorrow, and it will probably snow tomorrow night, and rain and snow on Sunday, and a mix of rain and snow on Monday and Tuesday. This is not going to be fun, at all.
I’m going to make sure my rain jacket is accessible, and that my bag liners are in good shape before bed.


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