Journal Entry: March 11

March 115:19 pm
Not much happened today, really. I got a shuttle back to Dicks Creek Gap, hiked nine miles to Bly Gap, and am currently freezing my ass off in my hammock. It’s snowing.
I stopped at Plumorchard Gap shelter for lunch. I packed out a sandwich from Subway. I could have stayed there, or kept going another three to the next shelter, but I’m stubborn and wanted to stick to my plan, so now I’m freezing on a ridge.
Also, my feet feel like hamburger meat, and I can feel my plantar fasciitis getting worse with every mile. I’m going to make it to Franklin, then I am going to seriously assess this hike. I’m not really enjoying myself, I’m in pain daily, and I miss my comfort zone. 
Honestly, my plan for Franklin is to zero one day, and do nothing related to the trail. Just sit, read, write, watch tv. And try to decide what I do next. Depending on my finances, I could rent a car and drive myself home (it’s only two and a half hours, did you know?), or I could take the train ride around the country I was planning on. Or hell, I could go to Disney! I just don’t know.
I know everyone says to not quit on a bad day, but I haven’t really had any good days on trail. I mean, I enjoy the scenery, I enjoy the people (mostly), and I am somewhat enjoying myself, but ending every day in pain isn’t fun. I’m going to do a lot of thinking about it between here and Franklin, because I don’t want to make a rash decision about this. And if I do leave, I do want to come back as a section hiker, because, other than the pain, I’m having some fun.
Except for the part where I’m freezing in the snow right now. And my feet are in massive amounts of pain. And I think my MS is affecting my vision a bit.
Anyway. I’ve made it to North Carolina today, and I’ve got about 27.6 miles to go and think about everything.
Did I mention I’m cold? Because I’m cold.


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